Student Info

Student Expectations

Be Respectful to All Instructors

Your instructors are here to help you improve and grow. All instructors have gone through the program that you are currently taking so give them the respect they have earned.

Respond When Given Instructions

When given instructions the answer is always a loud confident “YES SIR!”

“25 push ups go!”
“Yes, Sir!”

This keeps the energy flowing for the whole class.


Get Loud when it’s time to be loud. TKD is a place where you can go and get all that extra energy out. But when an instructor is trying to teach is not the time.

Bring Your Gear to Class

White Belts – Yellow Belts:
Uniform and Belt – Every Class

Orange Belt and Above:
Uniform, Belt and Sparring Gear (Head Gear, Mouth Piece, Hand Gear,Shin Gear, and Foot Gear)

Make Your Bed

The first step to becoming disciplined is self-control. Making your bed is required in order to test. Before testing the first question you are going to be asked is if you made your bed. 

Put in the Work

You are going to learn a lot in class so it’s important you practice what you learned at home so you can come back to class and remember what was taught in the last class.

Uniform and Gear Requirements

Students are required to wear blue Karate/Taekwondo uniforms (gi’s) for class. An additional class T-shirt is also available for purchase to wear with just the pants for comfort in hot weather. Please see owner for ordering.

Belt Fees and Advancements

Belt fees are $40.00 each time a student has demonstrated the skills for each belt level. Advance testing is at the instructor’s discretion when the student has passed a series of “stripe tests” added to the belt as their training progresses.




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